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                    ? Our Group Signed:Jiangyin LNG storage and Distribution Station Project

                    2021-01-14 views 228

                    On January 14, signing ceremony for Jiangyin LNG storage and distribution station project cooperation took place in Wuxi China Resources Gas Conference Hall. Mr. Chen Ronghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of China Resources East China Region and Chairman of Wuxi China Resources Gas Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Jun, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Gas East China Region and General Manager of Wuxi Regional company, Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman and General Manager of the Group, Zhang Hongfei, Secretary of the General Party Branch and Deputy General Manager of the Group, attended the signing ceremony and held friendly talks.

                    The meeting highly affirmed the preliminary work done by both sides to reach the project cooperation, expressed gratitude for the support and recognition of the other party, and exchanged views on the next work plan. Both sides pointed out that Jiangyin LNG storage and distribution station project will give full play to the advantages of Yangtze River LNG terminal and shipbuilding industry of YZJ shipbuilding group and the advantages of Wuxi China Resources gas and natural gas pipeline transportation and distribution market. It will build a benchmarking project and help the development of natural gas industry in Wuxi, Jiangyin and East China.

                    The signing of the contract will promote the in-depth cooperation between Yangzi River shipbuilding group and China Resources Gas Co., Ltd., combine the advantageous resources of both sides, create a clean energy industrial cluster for Jiangyin port adjacent Development Zone, strive to form a large pattern of LNG industry chain, better support the main shipbuilding industry of the group, and provide strong impetus for the group''s shipbuilding to develop towards high-end clean energy ship manufacturing.