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                    2 new 2400TEU Container Ships by Sinotrans!

                    2021-04-16 views 249

                    On April 16th, our group signed a contract with Sinotrans Container Transport Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, for the construction of two 2400TEU Container Ships. This cooperation is the first container ship project between China Merchants Group and our Group after the 400,000DWT Ore Carrier project, which shows the shipowner's recognition of the YZJ container ship brand, further consolidating the Group's leading advantage and market popularity in the field of container ship design and construction, and opening a new chapter of bilateral cooperation.

                    ▲ Mr. Zhao Chunji, General Manager of Sinotrans Container Transport Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy General Manager of our Group signed the Shipbuilding contract on behalf of both parties respectively.

                    The two 2400TEU Container Ships signed this time will continue to use the same type of mature products of our Group, while optimizing and upgrading the relevant configuration, so as to make them more in line with the personalized needs of the integrated transportation operation of Sinotrans. They are scheduled to be delivered successively in the third quarter of 2023.

                    Sinotrans Container Lines is a specialized company under China Merchants Group, has consistently adhered to the spirit of "customer-centered, market-oriented", providing excellent container transportation services in Asia. The company's regular marine container transport service covered from the main ports in China to Japan, Taiwan Province, Australia, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong as well as other countries and areas, among which it has been deeply involved in Japan route and Taiwan Province route for many years and is in a leading position in the market.