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                    Business order

                    With another order for 1.74 billion US dollars, the new orders in 2021 have exceeded 3 billion US dollars

                    2021-03-01 views 252

                    At the 2021 annual working meeting of the group, Mr. Ren Yuanlin, the honorary chairman of the board of directors, set the first flag of the year for the company to "strive for 50% of the excess orders to reach 3 billion US dollars on the basis of the target of US $2 billion". Recently, the company received new shipbuilding orders for 1.74 billion US dollars after the new orders of 1.3 billion US dollars in January. So far, the new orders of the company have exceeded 3 billion US dollars.

                    [new order 1] 11800TEU Container Ship X 4

                    11800TEU Container Ship is a new generation of upgraded energy-saving and environmental protection container ship. Based on the original mature ship type, the bow and tail lines are optimized and improved, and the main engine oil consumption has been greatly reduced, meeting EEDI phase III. The ship adopts double island design, conventional fuel propulsion scheme, and installation of hybrid scrubber, which can meet the requirements of sulfur emission limits.

                    [new order 2] 150000teu container ship X4

                    150000teu container ship is the latest generation of large container ship suitable for global routes, environmental protection, energy saving and flexible loading. Each performance index is excellent. Hybrid scrubber is installed on board and the main engine is equipped with EGR. The ship's emissions meet the latest IMO environmental requirements of NOX Tier III and SOX 2020. The ship meets the navigation requirements of the new Panama Cana and meet the 2025 EEDI phase III requirements.

                    [new order 3] 12200teu container ship X5

                    [new order 4] 2600teu container ship X4

                    [new order 5] 1800teu container ship X4

                    [new order 6] 82300 DWT bulk carrier x10