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                    Business order

                    Welcome another wave of order peaks before the holiday

                    2021-02-09 views 240

                    With the gradual recovery of market demand, the company has recently received a number of centralized orders from new and old customers:

                    01 ZhongGu Logistics: 10 4600TEU container ships

                    Recently, through several rounds of competition, our group stood out from many shipyards who participate in the bidding for the construction project of 4600TEU container ship ordered by ZhongGu Logistics in the domestic offshore shipping area and awarded the first batch of 10 new shipbuilding orders.

                    This series of ships is the largest container ship tailored by Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics Co., Ltd. in response to the national economic strategic policy, "taking the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other", serving the domestic coastal north-south line, engaging in domestic trade transportation, and actively integrating into the development policy of "changing from bulk carrier to container".

                    The ship has a total length of 228 meters, a width of 40 meters, a depth of 19.6 meters, a deadweight of about 89,000 tons, and the maximum nominal capacity of container is 4614TEU with 360 reefer sockets equipped on the deck. The ship is equipped with energy-saving devices such as HVAF and PSV, and installed shaft generator. The carbon emission can meet the CCS China Classification Society's Code for Green Ecological Ships, and achieve the goals of energy saving, emission reduction, green shipbuilding, safety and environmental protection and intelligent logistics.

                    02 NAVIBULGAR: 2+2 31800DWT large lake bulk carriers

                    NAVIBULGAR, an old customer of YZJ, has ordered and take delivery of six 45000DWT lake bulk carriers. NAVIBULGAR has given very positive feedback to this series of ships for their construction period and the professionalism of YZJ team. In October of 2019, the Group won the order of four 31800DWT Great Lakes bulk carriers from NAVIBULGAR shipowners, and construction began with the first steel cut for first two of the series in September and November 2020 respectively. Recently, the Group has received another new shipbuilding orders of 2+2 31800DWT Great Lakes bulk carriers from NAVIBULGAR. Ship type of this batch is in consistent with those under construction, adopt ODELY design in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO), NOx Tier III rules and to comply with IMO 2020 sulphur (oxide) emission regulations.

                    03 4 24000TEU Ultra-large container ships

                    Following the construction contract of two 24000TEU super-large container ships harvested on December 28, 2020, the Group recently won four new shipbuilding orders of the same type

                    04 1 82300DWT bulk carrier

                    Recently, YANGZI-MITSUI received an order for an 82300DWT bulk carrier.

                    According to statistics, since 2021, the company has obtained 29 new shipbuilding orders with a total value of 1.3 billion US dollars.