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                    2 ships! YZJ received 24000TEU Container vessel orders

                    2020-12-29 views 218

                    On December 28, Shipbuilding contract for two 24000TEU Ultra Large Container Vessels.The 24000TEU Container Vessel is a new generation of ultra large container ship with the largest carrying capacity and the largest loading capacity in the world based on the operation requirements of customers. Through the comprehensive optimization design of the ship type, both the cargo efficiency and fuel efficiency of this type are improved, with the advantages of flexible loading, large load capacity and large number of reefer containers. High performance main engine, high efficiency propeller and energy saving device are adopted to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption. The system is optimized, and the operation and maintenance costs are effectively controlled. The comprehensive economic index of this type has been greatly improved. Meanwhile, it is equipped with upgraded fire fighting systems to improve the safety of cargo. In addition, the ship is equipped with a hybrid scrubber, using traditional fuel oil, meeting the global sulfur emission limit requirements, unrestricted navigation area, and the ship type meets EEDI phase III.

                    So far, our Group has delivered more than 40 multi type container ships above 10000TEU capaciy.This type of ship will be the container ship with the largest loading capacity and the largest deadweight ton in the construction history of our group, with a total TEU-intake of 24232 cases. With the growth of transportation demand, the improvement of shipbuilding technology, and the consideration of scale effect and unit transportation cost of liner companies, in recent years, the trend of large-scale ships is obvious. Owning ultra large container ships has become the standard of top liner companies. Our group has always regarded "brand building of container ships" as an important business idea to strengthen, optimize and refine the main shipbuilding industry. In the situation of fierce international competition in the field of ultra large container ship market this year, the undertaking of the project has further consolidated the market position of our group in the field of ultra large container ship construction and enhanced the brand effect of the group company.