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                    Year end sprint to stabilize performance, new orders to strengthen

                    2020-12-01 views 206

                    On November 30, the listed company announced that recently the Group has successfully obtained 9 new shipbuilding orders. Among them, there are two 1800TEU Container Vessels, one 2700TEU Container Ship, four 2400TEU Container Vessels and two 59000dwt Bulk Carriers (signed with Shanghai Baosteel shipping Co., Ltd. and announced on November 13).Among the 9 new orders, 7 container ships are from our regular customer Haifeng International. On August 30 this year, the Group signed a contract with Haifeng International for 6 + 6 1800TEU Container Vessels. The two 1800teu container Vessels become effective this time are option in the contract.

                    On November 30, the two sides met again in Shanghai to sign a new shipbuilding contract for one 2700TEU Container Ship and four 2400TEU Container Ships.

                    So far, the group has obtained 43 new shipbuilding orders in 2020, with a value of about 1.26 billion US dollars.