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                    14000TEU Dual-fuel Container Ship Successfully Completed Sea Trial

                    2022-03-06 views 431

                    On March 3rd, the Group’s largest 14,000TEU dual-fuel powered container ship "Xinfu 90" built by Yangzi Xinfu successfully completed sea trial.


                    01 Section on Superstructure ·Smooth crossing the Yangtze River Bridge

                    The ship has a total length of 335.00m, a length between perpendiculars of 324.60m, a width of 51.00m, and a depth of 29.90m.The maximum height above the keel is 73 meters, far higher than the navigation limit of Jiangyin Bridge. Through planning and research, the ship's 5 layers of superstructure and part of the funnel were divided and placed on the hatch cover before the sea trial. On January 7, the giant ship was towed by 6 high-horsepower tugboats, forming a 665-meter formation safely sailed into the Yangtze River, starting from Yangzi Xinfu to Yangzi--Mitsui Wharf, planning to complete the re-assembly of superstructure after arrived at Yangzi-Mitsui. According to the command center of 


                    Taizhou Maritime Safety Administration, this towing operation is the longest and most difficult towing operation in the history of Yangtze River Shipping, with long distance and time consuming, large density of vessels passing through the waters and complicated navigation environment. The length and difficulty of towed vessels have set a new record in the navigation history of Yangtze River.


                    02 Taicang re-assemblies ready for sea trial

                    Starting from January 8, leaders at all levels of Yangzi-Mitsui, Greathorse Shipowner, NK classification society, C-LNG Company, CSSC Hengyu Energy Company and other related personnel worked together to overcome the short time, heavy workload and labor shortages, repeated outbreaks of COVID-19 epidemic, we worked overtime to complete a lot of outfitting and testing after the re-assembly and lifting of superstructure, LNG filling and equipment commissioning, which created conditions for the trial voyage as planned.


                     03 Fuel and gas test ·efficiently complete the new challenge of sea trial

                    The ship adopted the world's largest C-type LNG storage tanks and the first 9X92DF main engine designed by WIN-GD. It will be MSC's first dual-fuel container ship in operation and created the shortest trial time record of the same ship type in the same industry. On February 24, it was carefully maintained by the Taicang Maritime Safety Administration, and safely went out for a trial voyage.


                    On March 3, the ship successfully completed the trial voyage and berthed at the Yangzi- Mitsui Wharf in Taicang. The ship uses the first WinGD 9X92DF main engine in China, which meets Tier III requirements, and the first largest single C-type LNG storage tanks of the super-large container ship. Using LNG, a clean energy source, reduces sulfur dioxide emissions by 99%, particulate matter emissions by 91%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 92%, with energy efficiency indexes meeting EEDI, Phase III. Under SMCR, CO2 emissions per hour of the main engine decreased by 24.3% compared with conventional fuel mode.