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                    NYZ christened and delivered the eighth 2400TEU Container Ship to SITC

                    2022-02-25 views 327

                    At noon of February 25, the eighth 2400TEU container ship "SITC YUNCHENG" built by NYZ for SITC set sail from NYZ Wharf.


                    On February 24, Mr. Xue Peng, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of SITC International and the General Manager of Operation Management Center; Mr. Ji Wenguang, the Assistant President of SITC Shipping Group and the General Manager of SITC Broker; Mr. Li Ruimin, the General Manager of Shanghai SITC Ship Management Center; Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Ji Hongfei, the Assistant General Manager of our group, and some investors representatives of SITC International Holdings attended the christening ceremony at NYZ wharf. On behalf of the investor, Mr. Liu Gangxian, the Senior Manager of CICC, named the new ship "SITC YUNCHENG". Ms. Liu Jing, the godmother of the new ship, cut the rope, threw champagne and prayed for her good luck and safe voyage.


                    On the christening day, Mr. Li Ruimin, the General Manager of Shanghai SITC Ship Management Center, Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager of our Group, and Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager, signed the delivery documents on behalf of each party.