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                    Yangzi Changbo completed two milestones in one day

                    2022-02-15 views 328

                    On February 14, Yangzi Xinfu Changbo factory completed two major production milestones on the same day, welcoming to a good start to the New Year.

                    [01] At 10:08 a.m. of February 14, one 1800TEU container ship steel cut.

                    [02] At 14:30 pm of February 14, the second 1800TEU container ship built for Huayuan Shipping Company successfully launched


                    The ship was keel laid on December 5, 2021, and launched on February 14, 2022. The addition of air bubble lubrication drag reduction system, a large number of structural modifications of ballast tank and outer plates, and argon arc welding of nearly 300 pipes have greatly increased the construction workload and affected the integrity of the ballast tank. Yangzi Changbo production department made detailed planning arrangements and organized the construction in workshop area by area, also overcame the impact of the Spring Festival holiday and labor shortage, launched the ship a day ahead of schedule.

                    Compared with previous batch, the launching integrity of the ship has been improved and reached 92%. Before launching, the 24 cabins in the engine room sealed, the finishing coat was painted, and the scaffolding removed; the construction of non-closure layer of the superstructure finished, and the furnitures installed; lighting powered on; container-lifting for Cargo hold 3~8 completed; hatch cover installation finished; accessories finished, the bottom ballast tanks sealed, and the side ballast tanks painting finished for scaffoldings removal.