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                    NYZ christened and delivered the third 31800DWT Great Lake Bulk Carrier to NAVIBULGAR

                    2022-02-12 views 260

                    On February 11, NYZ christened and delivered the third 31800DWT Great Lake Bulk Carrier to Bulgarian NAVIBULGAR Shipping Company. Godmother Mrs. Yu Hong, Mr. Sun Wei, the Assistant General Manager of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) Jiangsu Branch and Mr. Wu Fan, the Deputy General Manager of Bank of Finance Department of China Jiangsu Branch, Mr. Veselin Yanev, Site Manager of NAVIBULGAR Shipping Company in Bulgaria, Mr. Zhu Hongwei, Clarkson New Shipbuilding Manager, Mr. Zhuang Huaping, Site Manager of DNV, and Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Ding Jianwen, the Deputy General Manager and Mr. Zhou Kewei, the Deputy General Manager of our group and other leaders and guests attended the christening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Ji Hongfei, the Assistant General Manager of our Group.

                    Godmother Mrs. Yu Hong, named the new ship "PERELIK" (PERELIK) and knocked champagne for the new ship. She wished the crew a safe journey and a new chapter in the voyage. In keeping with the custom of naming new ships after Bulgarian mountains and peaks, the "PERELIK" was named after a peak in the Rodorp Mountains.

                    On the same afternoon, a delivery and signing ceremony was held via video conference. Under the joint witness of Mr. Alexander Kalchev, the Executive Director of Bulgarian National Shipping Company, Mr. Ji Hongfei, the Assistant General Manager of our Group and other related guests such as China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Bank of China and Clarkson, Mr. Veselin Yanev, Site Manager of shipowner's supervision team, and Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager of our Group, signed the delivery documents on behalf of each party. "PERELIK" was successfully delivered and will set sail on an auspicious day. Up to now, Bulgarian Air China has placed orders of total 18 ships in YZJ.