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                    Yangzi Changbo delivered the first 1800TEU Container Ship "H CYGNUS"

                    2022-01-28 views 230

                    At 8:18 am of January 28, Yangzi Changbo successfully delivered the first 1800TEU Container Ship "H CYGNUS" to Huayuan Shipping Company.

                    MV "H CYGNUS" has a total length of 171.9 meters, 169 meters in length between perpendiculars, 28.4 meters in width and 14.5 meters in depth, a design draft of 8.5 meters, a structural draft of 9.7 meters and classified into ABS. The ship is an optimized and improved ship, adding AMP medium-voltage shore power system.

                    The ship was keel laid on October 7 and launched on December 3 with the construction period on slipway 57 days. During the construction process, the Production Management Department and Workshops overcame difficulties such as heavy gantry load, hoisting variables, and adaptation at the initial stage of production resumption which made launching 2 days earlier than the original plan and the water integrity reached the target set by the company. MV "H CYGNUS" was scheduled to deliver on March 1, 2022, while at the request of Shipowner, the delivery date was advanced to January 28, 2022, and the actual underwater period is only 56 days. Through detailed planning and personnel organization, the project team worked overtime to ensure each milestone, and ready for sea-trial 43 days after launching. More than 600 outstanding items received from Shipowner and ABS were closed within 12 days after sea trial.