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                    The start is a sprint, three factory delivered 4 new ships

                    2022-01-14 views 201

                    The start is a sprint. Recently, NYZ, YANGZI XINFU and Yangzi-Mitsui have successively delivered new ships and left the factory, respectively:


                    Ship Delivery 1 " NORD ANDROMEDA"

                    At 8:00 a.m. of January 7, Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the 13th 82300DWT Bulk Carrier "NORD ANDROMEDA " ("ANDROMEDA ", flying the Singapore flag) built for the old customer in Japan through electronic signature. It is 229.00 meters in length, 225.32 meters in length between perpendiculars, 32.26 meters in width and 20.00 meters in depth, with a design draft of 12.20 meters, a structural draft of 14.45 meters and classified into Japan Classification Society (NK).


                    Ship Delivery 2 "RICH RAINFOREST"

                    At 8:30 a.m. of January 10, the 82000DWT Bulk Carrier "RICH RAINFOREST" ("RICH RAINFOREST ", flying the Panama flag) built for Japanese customers by Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was signed and delivered. At 8:30 a.m. of January 11, "RICH RAINFOREST" departed for its maiden voyage.


                    Ship Delivery 3 "GCL Dunkirk"

                    On January 11, Yangzi Xinfu delivered one 180000DWT Bulk Carrier "GCL Dunkirk" by electric signature for Japanese LEPTA owner and departed for its maiden voyage on the same day.


                    Ship Delivery 4 "SITC DECHENG"

                    On January 12, NYZ christened and delivered the 7th 2400TEU Container Ship " SITC DECHENG " to SITC.Mr. Xue Mingyuan, the Executive Director of SITC International and President of SITC Shipping Group, Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhou Kewei, the Deputy General Manager of our Group and representatives of some investors of SITC International jointly attended the ceremony.

                    Mr. Liao Ling, the investor representative, named the new ship "SITC DECHENG". and Ms. Lin Shan, the godmother also the analyst representative of securities brokers, cut the line and threw champagne for the new ship, wishing the new ship a smooth sailing and a safe return. Mr. Li Ruimin, the General manager of Shanghai SITC Ship Management Center, Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager and Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager of our Group respectively signed the delivery documents on behalf of each  party.