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                    Group's First 700FEU LNG Container Deck Carrier "TIGER LONGKOU" delivered

                    2022-01-07 views 294

                    On January 6, the group's first 700FEU LNG Container Deck Carrier "TIGER LONGKOU", jointly developed with TIGER Gas and built by NYZ, was successfully delivered. Mr. Xue Chaochun, the Chairman of Tiger Gas, Mr. Du Chengzhong, the Deputy General Manager of our Group, and Mr. Sun Jianping, the Chief Financial Officer of YZJ Shipping Company signed the delivery documents on behalf of each party. Mr. Xu Junfeng, the President of Tiger Gas (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Zhongling, the Deputy General Manager of CSSC, Mr. Ji Hongfei, the Assistant General Manager of our Group, as well as the CCS Site Office witnessed the delivery signing ceremony.



                    The project is a practical example of group cohesion transformation, and also a landmark product for the transformation and upgrading of the group's equipment manufacturing level and the transformation of its products to high-tech and high-value-added ships.


                     "TIGER LONGKOU" departed from NYZ on January 8 for its maiden voyage.