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                    Listed company issues S$50 million unsecured convertible bonds to two investors including EDBI

                    2022-03-04 views 298

                    On March 4, the listed company announced that it would issue S$50m of unsecured convertible bonds to two strategic investors, including Economic Development Board Investment Company (EDBI).

                    The main announcement are as follows:

                    [1] The bonds will be converted into Group ordinary shares upon approval of the proposed spin-off and listing of YANGZIJIANG FINANCIAL HOLDING LTD. (Yangzijiang Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.).

                    [2] Strategic investors will participate in the Group’s growth through the spin-off strategy, and have agreed to lock up their holdings in Yangzijiang Financial Holding Ltd. for six months, helping to shore up shareholder confidence and stabilize the share price.

                    [3] The group plans to use the company’s stock holdings to prevent dilution of minority shareholders.

                    [4] As part of the transaction, the Group intends to set up its an advanced maritime R&D center in Singapore to focus on areas such as green vessels technologies as well as autonomous vessels, cyber-physical simulations, digital twinning and advanced low latency communication systems which will help strengthen Singapore’s capabilities in maritime technology innovation.

                    [5] YANGZIJIANG FINANCIAL HOLDING LTD. plans to establish a global corporate headquarters in Singapore for international investment and maritime fund focused on sustainable development.


                    Mr. Ren Letian, the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, commented on the transaction: "We thank EDBI for its trust and support in YZJ Shipbuilding, EDBI and YZJ Shipbuilding have established a strategic partnership that will help YZJ Shipbuilding accelerate ESG development. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction have been valued worldwide, and eco-friendly ship technology has become a new direction for the development of the shipbuilding industry. We are committed to working with like-minded partners to seek breakthroughs in this field. We are looking forward to enhancing our position in green shipbuilding and sustainability through our advanced RESEARCH and development capabilities with our maritime R&D centre in Singapore."

                    Mr. Ren Yuanlin, the Honorary Chairman of the Group, added: "Yangzijiang Financial Holdings Co. has identified new growth areas and investment mandates, and will seek to expand its fund and wealth management business in Greater China and Southeast Asia after the spin-off. With EDBI’s support, we hope to establish more such strategic partnerships with relevant parties in the future. Singapore is a financial center of the Asia-Pacific region and can provide new opportunities and a broad market for the development of Yangzijiang Financial Holdings co.”