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                    YZJ Group grandly held the 2022 Work Conference and the 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

                    2022-02-11 views 481

                    On February 10, YZJ Group successfully held the 2022 work conference and the 2021 Annual summary and commendation conference, summed up the work performance in 2021, and deployed the key and innovative work in 2022. Company leaders Ren Yuanlin, Ren Letian, Zhang Hongfei, Song Shuming, Du Chengzhong, Zhang Tao, Liu Feng, Ding Jianwen, Zhou Kewei, He Minghui, Ji Hongfei, Group chief assistant (including regional Head) or above management cadres attended the meeting.

                    The meeting first listened to the 2021 annual economic operation analysis report made by Ding Jianwen, the Deputy General Manager of the Group. The report systematically introduced the assets profit and tax situation of the Group in 2021; the shipbuilding completion volume, value and profit analysis of the main shipbuilding industry, the situation of new orders received and held orders; the operation of the financial company and the completion of the group's annual benefits in 2021. According to the operation in 2021, the report analyses the current problems and deficiencies, and puts forward scientific and comprehensive suggestions for the work in 2022. Related persons in Group Technology Center, Operation Department I, Group Shipping Leasing Center, NYZ, Yangzi Xinfu, Yangzi-Mitsui, Group Investment Management Department, and Law Firms made statements, briefly summarized the main work plan of each department in 2021, notified the work plan in 2022.


                    Mr. Ren Letian, the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Group, commented on the transacti of the work in 2021. Chairman Ren pointed out that in 2021, all the cadres and staff of the Group closely around the four "innovation" work guidelines put forward at the beginning of the year, and have shown outstanding achievements in technology research and development, marketing orders, production organization, and enterprise management. Chairman Ren said that the achievement is attributed to all the cadres and staff of YZJ. In 2021, the company has experienced the COVID-19 epidemic situation and energy double control etc. All staff are down-to-earth and handed in high-quality answers with a fighting attitude. He called on the company to resolutely should the new mission and strive to write a new chapter in the New Year.

                    The Group's 2021 annual summary and commendation conference was held at the Jingjiang Riverside Garden Hotel. The workshop team leaders, chief section staff (technicians) of each subsidiary, professional sequence personnel at or above the level of supervisor, the deputy regional director and above management cadres and heads of labor engineering teams attended the conference. At the conference, Zhang Hongfei, the Vice Chairman of the Group, read out the 2021 annual commendation decision, commended a total of 11 outstanding contributors in 2021, 40 advanced individuals for rationalization proposals, 7 advanced collective of "four clean", 6 winning projects for management innovation, 6 winning projects for team PK, and 10 excellent internal trainers. Wang Jiansheng, the Deputy Director of the Group's Development Strategy Advisory Committee, made suggestions for the Group’s development and placed high hopes on it. He pointed out that the Group should attach great importance to enhance its core competitiveness in the future development process.


                    At the end of the conference, Ren Yuanlin, the Honorary Chairman of the Group, delivered an important speech, in which he once again clarified the advantages and disadvantages of the Group in the industry, and pointed out the direction of development for the future of the enterprise according to its own characteristics. He pointed out that the YZJ Shipping will focus on the industrial layout of "First main business, second support and third strengthening". First main business is the main business of shipbuilding; the second support is shipping leasing and investment financing; the third is to strengthen, on the one hand, we should develop trade and logistics; on the other hand, we should cooperate in the development of real estate; and what’s more, we should develop mining resources.