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                    Group's comprehensive management backbone energy enhancement camp successfully completed

                    2022-01-22 views 326

                    In order to adapt to the needs of transformation and upgrading and rapid development of the Group, the training center of the Group organized an external professional team to build the "Comprehensive Management Backbone Energy Enhancement Camp" for the company in view of the main problems and weaknesses encountered by internal key personnel of comprehensive management in daily practice. The project is divided into three stages, from online warm-up, theme courses to the completion of the re-examination lasted 8 months. 27 backbone and leaders from the Comprehensive management Department of the Group participated in the training.


                    The graduation ceremony was held on January 20. At the graduation ceremony, Gu Pengcheng, Chief of Human Resources Department of the Group, reviewed the project from three aspects: courses, trainees and lecturers, and summarized the highlights of the project. Then eight representatives of the trainees presented their learning experience and work plan for the coming year according to each department.

                    In view of this achievement display, the Group Training Center specially invited Zhang Hongfei, the Vice Chairman of the Board, Mao Hongzhao, the Director of Human Resource Department and Chen Yumin, the General Manager of Planck Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. as judges to comment on each trainee, pointed out the shortcomings of the trainees and gave suggestions for their growth. In strict accordance with the the evaluation requirements,the judges evaluated the trainees from five aspects: PPT production, language expression, depth of understanding, comprehensive image and innovation and creativity. Zhang Hongfei, the Deputy Director of the Training Camp, gave full recognition to the achievements of the project. He pointed out that the training camp focused on "laying the foundation and making up the shortcomings"", highlighting the practical operation, and taking into account the systematic and expanding knowledge, aiming at enhancing the professional quality and performance ability of administrative managers. At the same time, he also stressed that graduation is not the end of learning, but the beginning of new learning. The real purpose of training is to apply what is learned and what is gained to work, to guide practice with knowledge, to improve their professional skills and improve the effectiveness of work.