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                    The Trade Union of the Group held the 2022 E-competition and The Spring Festival Party

                    2022-01-12 views 215

                    In order to enhance the friendship among new college students, enhance team cohesion, enrich college students' spare time life, guide employees to use the Network correctly and effectively, enhance tacit understanding and team spirit among employees through the competition of collective events, and let students far away from home feel the warmth of the Group. On January 10, the Trade Union of the Group held the "2022 E-Competition and New Year's Party" in the multi-function Hall.


                    After the preliminary competition, at the party site, the audience watched the competition through the large screen in real time, and the top three teams were determined by two wins in three games. .The Trade Union of the Group will give awards to the champion, runner-up and third runner-up teams. There were not only beautiful e-sports games on the scene, but also abundant side dishes and hot laba porridge prepared by the Trade Union for all the participating partners. Each interesting and warm group activity can relieve the tense working atmosphere and improve team cohesion.