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                    Our Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Bestway

                    2022-01-07 views 297

                    On January 7, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between YZJ group and Bestway Marine & Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. was held in Shanghai. Mr. Ren Yuanlin, the Honorary Chairman of the Group; Mr. Zhang Tao, the Deputy General Manager of the Group; Mr. Xu Weiguo, the Director of Finance Leasing Department of YZJ Shipping Lleasing Center; Mr. He Xudong, the Chairman of Bestway; Mr. Liu Nan, the Founder of Bestway, Mr. Zhan Jinfeng, the General Manager of Bestway and other senior officials attended the signing ceremony.


                    In the future, the two sides will expand and strengthen cooperation in shipbuilding and ocean engineering design,, shipbuilding and offshore project financing, performance guarantee and metal trade, so as to jointly build a new pattern of cooperation and development and enhance each other’s comprehensive strength.