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                    Hu Xianfu, Secretary?of?Party?Committee and General Manager of China Merchants Industrial Group and his delegation came to our company for visit and exchange

                    2021-11-13 views 295

                    On November 12th, Hu Xianfu, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of China Merchants Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jiang Fuhai, Assistant General Manager and Chairman of Yangzhou base of China Merchants Industry, Mei Xianzhi, Assistant General Manager and General Manager of Haimen Base of China Merchants Industry and his delegation come to our Group for visit and exchange. Ren Yuanlin, Honorary Chairman of our group, Group Chairman Ren Letian and other company leaders warmly welcome the leaders of China Merchants Group and the delegation and participated in the exchange meeting.


                    Ren Yuanlin,Chairman of our Group and Hu Xianfu, General Manager of China Merchants Industry Group Co., Ltd. hope both sides can uphold the concept of openness, innovation, cooperation and win-win, give full play to their respective advantages, create their own characteristics in the segmented fields, strengthen interaction and cooperation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of China's shipbuilding industry.