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                    Group newly?recruited cadres power camp successfully completed.

                    2021-11-08 views 225

                    On November 6th, the completion ceremony of the power Camp training program for newly recruited cadres of the Group "Navigation Plan" was successfully held in the multi-function hall of NYZ. The project lasted for half a year. In the past two years, 49 people, including newly recruited section chief cadres of the management line and titular cadres of the Group in 2021, participated in the training.


                    The whole training camp starts from April to October, during which four modules of "online warm-up, theme courses, game entry and action learning" are arranged to help newly recruited cadres to complete the transformation from business expert to team manager, achieve work goals and meet the needs of the company's development.


                    Ren Letian, chairman of the group, presented the certificate for the trainees. He congratulated all 49 trainees on their successful graduation, and pointed out that the trainees of this training course are the mainstays of YZJ in the future. Through half a year's systematic study, we have seen that everyone can use the learned knowledge to arm themselves and to assume their responsibilities  and communicate effectively internally to achieve the purpose of the company to hold this training course. Chairman Ren  affirmed the efforts of the trainees, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for the newly recruited cadres. The management cadres should have both ability and political integrity, first of all, the cultivation of morality, then the promotion of talents, and be fair, just and open in daily life and work. In management, we should dare to take on the big responsibility, dare to take the lead, and influence our team with our own positive energy.