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                    Gross profit of 1 billion Yuan! YZJ released its Annual Finanical Report for the third quarter of 2021

                    2021-11-02 views 340

                    On November 1st, the listed company released the third quarter financial statements and related announcements. The announcement shows that in the third quarter of this year, Yangzijiang's operating income reached 4.47 billion yuan and gross profit reached 1 billion Yuan.

                    In October 2021, Yangzijiang won new orders for two 82300DWT bulk carriers and four 45000DWT bulk carriers with a total contract value of US$ 200 million. As of the date of the announcement, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has received 124 new ship orders this year, valued at 7.41 billion U.S. dollars, continuing to set a new record in the history of Yangzijiang's new ship orders. Currently, the amount of hand-held orders is 165 vessels valued at 8.86 billion U.S. dollars.